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Ravaged Universe is a free, online turn-based game that is currently under development. Turns take place on a 20-hour basis, meaning it's quick to play each day. Pilot your ship around the galaxy, dodge pirates (or be a pirate!), or join a government, and partake in the most epic space battles known to mankind. For more information, please sign up at our forums. If you wish to register for an account, please use the code 'rur0x' when prompted.

We have a dedicated IRC channel set up that we encourage our players to visit at:
ravageduniverse.com - channel: #ru


Administrator Development Notes

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More fixes
Posted by: Dash Rantic on Wednesday, April 29th 9:57 pm, 2015
Added a fix so players in space do not drop off the uniscan, fixing an issue where players can attack at will while being invisible and unattackable themselves. Other minor UI fixes rolled into this as well.
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