Post Thu Jul 03, 2008 5:51 pm

From The Great Nomrom with Love

In the beginning there was nothing.(1)
Then I came home last night, drunk as a skunk and severely hung over. I *think* I may have violated one of the other demigods.(2)
There's a phone call I'm not looking forward to, and you can bet your sweet hand of god that work is going to be seriously awkward on Monday.(3)
Anyways, I vomited on the bathroom floor and now you're here.(4)
So uh, happy birth! Or something. Since I created you, I guess I'll have to watch over you.(4) So let's all take it easy and not start any salsa dancing alright?(5)
I really can't handle it right now. I'm not kidding either.(6)
Don't make me descend from my bed and smite you ('cause my clothes are all covered in vomit and it's not laundry week).(7)
So yeah, you've got spaceships, you've got weapons, you've got planets.(8)
Go nuts. And try to keep it down. Some of us are trying to sleep.(9)
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Reason: you smell funny
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