Ravaged Universe Credits

Current Development / Administrative Staff:

Lead Developer: Jack Carlson (Dash Rantic)
Assistant Developer: Andrew Bikle (Angle O'Saxon)
UI Design: Nick Farley (nfreader)

Thanks to:
Andrew Nellis (Evil Orange Customer) -- writing, tester/guinea pig, stuff
Alex Wouters (EVWeb) -- inital in-game UI

Special Thanks to:
Patrick && Pallas -- For creating Enigma.
CheesEv && Beef -- For starting it all with The Hideout :-)
Captain Bob -- For having an awesome theme song.

...and thank you all for playing!

System Requirements:
The minimum hardware requirements are IBM or fully IBM-compatible PC, Apple, Macintosh, 64MB RAM or more, 28.8K Analog Modem, Monitor, printer capable of printing on standard paper (8½" x 11"). The minimum software requirements are an operating system that supports a Web browser such as Internet Explorer or Netscape, an Internet Service Provider (Internet access), and an e-mail application that supports HTML formatted e-mails.